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General Introduction

This web-based tool can be used to find and display information about SFU researchers. The application is able to search multiple sources of information about researchers and their interests. Most active faculty researchers at Simon Fraser University should be included; however, the sources of information used are not centrally maintained and may not be complete or fully up-to-date. The University cannot guarantee the accuracy of information obtained through the database. Search results will display as a list of all researchers matching the criteria. Highlighting a single entry will display contact information and a list of research descriptions for that researcher next to the list. Information available for public display (if available) includes faculty name, phone number, email address, website, keywords and descriptions of research interests.

How to use the search application:

Use the left-hand menu to select one of the following options:
• Search for words: enter one or more words (or partial words) and select to search for all of the words or either of the words. A list of all researchers with descriptions matching your choice is displayed.
• Search by name: allows you to specify a specific name (or part of a name)
• Search by department: use the drop down box to select a department and see a list of all researchers in that department

Updating Database Information

Faculty researchers and accredited staff may update the information in the database by selecting the "update research interests" choice in the left-hand menu. For further information or to receive accreditation for entry privileges, please contact Ellen Loosley,


This search application is currently in public beta testing and we cannot guarantee its performance or accuracy at this time. We would welcome your feedback or suggestions on its use. Please send to

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